Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Hell with Housework

Well, I finally cleaned the house today.
Brian helped me!
I usually stay on top of it but this time I let it go pretty long...
I have been crazy busy with work with Zero time for cleaning!
Plus, we have had the best weather this summer,
most of my free time has been spent in the yard!
With this gorgeous weather, who the hell wants to be inside cleaning ?
Not me!
But today, I had enough! The dawg hair and the dust just had to get picked up.
So,I dug this thing out that I bought on etsy- it is amazing!

It's a hand made- hand crocheted Swiffer Cover!
Picks up dirt and dust- just like the ones that they sell at the store.
Hand made in the USA and cheap, it was like $4 plus shipping-
MUCH cheaper than buying the disposable covers that you just throw in the trash.
It's totally reusable- all ya do is shake out the funk and throw it in the washer.
You can use it dry or wet!
AND..here is the best part... it is eco-friendly...NO chemicals!
Let me tell ya, it works GREAT!
Makes a great gift too!
The hell with house work..I'm gonna go sit outside and look at pretty flowers.

Get yours at: Stitches N' Stones

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  1. I've been looking for something to replace the disposables, thank you! I'll check it out